1. some fun with pen and ink

  2. 10 Eintr├Ąge!

    (Source: assets)

  3. sharp-edged crystal star from the deep

  4. Goddess is a tribute to the endless summer and cult of the body in the 80ies. Plunge into the dreams of turquoise blue water, bikini girls and the colours of sunlight.

  5. new artwork of the my Sild series, part IV. enjoy!

  6. Artwork for a good friend. Happy birthday to Michi Sp. alias Mike!

  7. title piece for my work about the northern island sylt, originally “SILD”.


  9. first piece of my new work about seamen myths and the northern sea. More coming soon. Please comment and spread the word!

  10. conceptional logo animation for a post production studio with several offices in different cities.